Why Used Golf Balls Sale and their Grades

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Why used golf balls sale because there is nothing wrong with them, If your know what your looking for and get the proper grade (AAA ) of used golf balls that best suits your game they are just as good as a brand new one right out the box. Another reason used golf balls sale because your can buy in bulk and save more money than by buying just a dozen at a time. Plus your get them shipped right to your door.

Remember a brand new golf ball straight out the box and hit the first time just became a used golf ball ! Think of all the times your took out that brand new shiny ball to tee it up and to your dismay your hit it in the woods or lake or somewhere in the dark deep grass never to be seen again. Wow there went a few dollars every time your do it.

When your could be a smarter and richer golfer by using used golf balls for that tough tee shot over a long carry over water, or that tight fairway lined with woods on each side and thick rough too. So instead of thinking on that tee, dang I sure don’t want to lose my new Titlieist Pro V1 (that cost $4.50 a ball) , when your could still be hitting a Used Titleist ProV1 that only cost $1.50 to play and plays just as good as the new one. Now which one makes more sense to play ?

Golf Balls Improvements

Golf balls have come a long way in the manufacturing process compared to 20 years ago. There has been many technological advances in the way a ball is made. No longer is the ball made with a liquid core and the days of losing compression and distance due to exposure to extreme heat or being submerged in water are gone.

Now the Golf ball has a solid core that gives your the consistency and durability needed for opening up markets for the recycled and used golf balls because now all balls are used after the first hit .

Another plus created by the Used Golf Ball Sale industry is the reduction of chemicals such as surlyn, urethane and crushed rubber in our land fields. Over 30 tons of these materials have been put back into play by our golfer using recycled golf balls.

It’s the one thing every golfer can do to make our game Eco friendly !

Used Golf Ball Grade AAA

All used golf balls are separated and graded to give the customer a consistency in quality. Every used or recycled golf ball company uses a grading system that will be similar to this one used by Lost Golf Balls.com I will try to explane them below starting with AAA balls.

AAA Used Balls are shiny, white and in perfect to near perfect condition. They have the look and feel of a new ball. There are no scuffs. There may be some Logo or personal marking on some of them. Other companies may call these balls their Grade 1, Mint, or AAAAA Grade balls on their sites.

Used Golf Ball Grade AA

These balls may have a small scuff mark or a little more magic marker on it than a AAA grade ball. There are no club marks or bubbling clear coat or cuts on these. These are perfectly fine for play but just not as shiny as a new one. In general these are avg condition balls with some slight color discoloration on some.

Used Practice Balls and 1 Hit Balls

These are used balls that are great to practice with or hit on a long carry over water . 🙂 ( If your know what I mean ) A lot of beginners and higher handicap golfers play these balls because they tend to lose a lot of golf balls in a round of golf. These balls do have color discolorations, club marks, scuffs, and so on. They don’t have large cuts or will they be severely discolored or marred golf balls.

1 Hit Balls are exactly what the name emplies, tee it up and hit it away ! Hit it once and forget it ! 🙂 They are great for hitting into the woods, or a lake or your neighbor backyard . May include range balls, cut balls, bad discolorations etc. Good news is that they cost about 18 cents to buy,


In my 40 years of playing Golf , from a hacker starting out all the way to a +1 handicap, I always played Used Golf Balls ! I researched it back when I started playing and found a place to get them and never looked back. All those guys at the country club spending all that money on new ProV1s and there I was with my balls that were 1/3 the price and I still had the same feel and distance of their ball that was new and expensive. I would tell a few about how to save money on their balls but your can only lead a horse to water, your can’t make him drink.

I hope I have opened your eyes to the Used Golf Ball Sales that are out there and hopefully your will take advantage of it and save some money and time by trying it too. Hopefully, now your understand the Grading system and know what kind of Used Golf Ball your want. If your have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get back to your. Thanks for checking out my website and I hope your come back to see what I’m blogging about next week. I’m sure the guys down at Lost Golf Balls.com would be happy to help you out too !!

Thanks for reading,

Bob Elliott


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