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In my earlier article about WGT World Golf Tour I explained a lot about the free online game. I told you about the game itself and also about the inner workings of the game. Today I’m going to tell you more about my Country club, “Eagle Club Golf Association ” that I’ve been a member of 3 1/2 years now.

I had tried a few country clubs before this one but they offered nothing like this one does. We has a full calendar of events for the year called Yes for short or Tournament Events which consist of 4, 18 hole rounds in each event and you have 3 days to get each round in, so it takes about 2 weeks per TE event to completion. Now in between these Yes ( 5 events ) we has a Major. Not everybody can play in the Major.You have to qualify by playing in 14 of the 20 preceding Yes and be in the top 80%. Do this and you in. I am happy to say that I qualified for the past 3 majors and have won all three of them. No one has ever won the Grand Slam and won all four in a calendar year and I has a chance to do this. John ( Mugs) who is the Champion division winner also has a chance for the Grand Slam this year. I will show you my plaque later in this post.

Back to the Country Club, our club championship is also getting ready to start and is open to all member of the club. It starts out at Olympic Golf course and you play 4, 18 hole rounds. The top 70% moves on to the next round. The Quarter Finals will be played at Merion Golf course and you play 4, 18 hole rounds . Only the top 16 low scores will advance this time to the Semi Finals. Now you will play Erin Hills Golf course, 4,18 hole rounds and only the top 4 low scores will advance to the finals to compete for the championship.

The Championship will be played at Pebble Beach in a round robin Match Play format. Where 3 points go to the winner of each match 0 to the loser. The one with the most points after the round robin is complete is the Club Champion ! Now don’t that sound like fun ?

Every month we have what is called the Eagle Tour Tournament which is 4,18 hole rounds to be completed though out the month with the top three moving on to a special tournament at the end of the year.

We also have inter club match where we set up match play matches with other clubs each month and it is team play. All you have to do to be on the team is asked.

We have Friday and Saturday night Shootouts at 7pm. Here we get together and teams are made and we play game like Eagleford (like the stapleton scoring system), Bingo Bango,Bongo (Crazy game too much to explain lol ) PPP ( that’s where you must either punch pitch or putt you way around 9 holes, really fun ) Alternate shot (self-explanatory) Skins and there are others.

Every year they start a bingo game with cards that they give you with things you have to accomplish in order to achieve Bingo. Conditions are given out every week in the club until someone wins and calls Bingo.

Each month we have the ATWT which is the ” Around The World Tour “. This is a fun event that consist of 7 courses that you play with another member so to record you scores and you have all month to play all 7 course and its only 9 holes each. The courses change every month and you has a handicap system with it to even up the field. The top 2 players get a sleeve of balls and there is a drawing for another one to each month.

We also have the FedEX Championship tournaments which run throughout the year with a final championship at the end of the year. Each weekly tournament is a 4,18 hole round game with a shot clock. You acquire points by how you finish the tournament and they accumulate over the year to the finals.

In addition to these tournaments we has a Best Ball and Match Play tournament also each year that you sign up to play in. We also have the Mike The Hogster65 Tournament in memory of one of our members. Plus there are also a few tournaments put on by the members that are not listed each year.

Each and every week there is also a listing of 9 and 18 hole rounds on WGT under the country club tab for our club that will have up to 10 more ready to play games. There are also a few Bracket games as well to enter should you choose.

If that’s not enough for you then just go to the country club homepage and we has a Shout Box where you can sign in and chat with whoever is in the clubhouse and get you a game. So if you are a member of our club you always have things you can play or the option of the shout box to get a live player for you game. Everyone is very eager to play in most cases.

Just to put this out there, if you play WGT Golf,and looking for a Country club or not satisfied with yours then come check us out. Eagles Club Golf Association and the owner is Thatcanadianguy (Gerry ) You can also drop him a line by the message board on WGT to Thatcanadanianguy and say BElliott1155 sent you. Tell you read about us here.

In closing, I’d like to say our country club is ranked near the top in WGT and you want regret it should you come aboard. I’m proud of it and the things that go on there and I enjoy my time on WGT. Great friend can be made there and on WGT. I got friend all over the world now that I joined WGT. One of my closest being in Austria. If you haven’t tried WGT and looking for a great game,well here you have it. Everyone has a great day and I hole you enjoyed my post !

Bob Elliott



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