WGT OPEN 2ed Round Play

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Second round play is about over now and playing in the 30 mph winds took it tolls. Scores were a bit higher but the greens being at a slower speed than normal presented the most problems for me. Just like in real golf the wind can and will affect your putt. I had a problem finding a consistent roll to putt the ball in the hole in my round and therefore I believed played my way out of a chance to win. I left about 8 putts just short of the hole by less than 6 inches dead in the mouth. It was a very frustrating day, and when I tried to hit it with more speed I would blow it by the hole and miss it. So I finished my round 1 under 71 and I’m now 8 shots back of the leader (Griff) who shot 65. I wish I could say I just played bad but that wasn’t the case, I just couldn’t figure out the greens in those winds.

Now there’s 2 rounds left and I never say never, but I do have a large hill to climb and I could use a little help if you know what I mean, lol I don’t wish anyone bad luck guys, don’t get me wrong. I just need some good luck to come my way now !

Griff is leading the field with a couple of close challengers a few strokes behind him to keep the pressure on so maybe they will forget about me and let me sneak back in with a great couple of rounds. It all comes down to what I do in the 3rd round if I have a shot or not. I need to shoot a 58 to get back in it and I’ve done it before there ! May the WGT Golf Gods be with me ! One thing for sure, it can only get better ! lol You guys keep them straight out there!

Bob Elliott


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