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The WGT Golf, World Golf Tour free online golf game has everything you would want in a realistic golf games. It has over 20 championship courses with over 15 million players. It is the #1 rated 3D free online golf games as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Direct TV, and Fox Sports. It has GPS and 3D technology. It has the most accurate full game simulation that I have seen in a golf game.It can be played on the Web, PC, Mac or Moble Device. It is the closest to playing real golf in an indoor game that I have seen. Easy to get started and play through the ranks as you get better.

The best way to sign up for this game is to go directly to the WGT Golf, World Golf Tour free online golf games website and create a profile and get started. You can also access this game through Facebook where it is called WGT Golf. I learned of the game through Facebook and started playing there but if I had it to do over I would go to the website and join because you have a few more amenities that way.

There is a way to spend money on this game if you desire. That being in club and ball upgrades. When you start you are given starter clubs and balls and you can play with them forever should you choose. They cost nothing but they do have limitations to them. Just like in real golf, the better your clubs and balls the better and farther you hit the ball. With that being said, you do not have to upgrade at anytime or spend money. Just wanted to upfront about this in the beginning so that it was clear, it is a free game.

Pro Shop

The Pro Shop is where you go to purchase any balls, clubs, putters and even avatars that are not free. You get free avatar when you join and they do have a couple free avatars in the Pro Shop to that you could change to should you desire. In the Pro Shop you will find most brand clubs and balls from Calliway, Ping,TayorMade,Cobra,Titlist and more. They come in many credit levels depending on quality of equipment. Just like in real golf. This is the only place to spend any money in this game after you purchase credits. You can also win credits in tournaments.


There are 20 championship 18 hole courses available for free online golf games, such as Stroke, Alternate Shot, and Match Play. There is also a game called Blitz that is played over 9 holes too. You have the option to play these course in 9 or 18 hole matches against other people from all over the world, or just play it by yourself. Alternate Shot and Match Play need additional players to be played. I prefer to play Alternate Shot. You need 3 players plus yourself and you take off in teams of two. First you hit then your partner hits until the hole is completed. Great fun for all plus a little pressure to hit a good shot for your partner.

Here are the courses:Chambers Bay, PineHurst #2, ValHalla, Merion, The Olymipic Club, Congressional, Brandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, Harbor Town, Kiawah Island, Bethpage Black, Bali Hai, Celtic Manor, Koele, Egdewood Tahoe, Royal St George, St. Andrew, PineHurst #8, Wolfcreek, and Hilversumsche.

Country Clubs, Free Online Golf Games

There are lots to do on the WGT Golf, World Golf Tour, and joining a Country Club is one of them. There are hundreds of them there. All are looking for new players. I don’t know of any that require dues . 🙂 There are a lot of advantages of joining a Country Club on WGT. First off you get to meet some nice people and now you have some new friends to play with. They hold free tournaments for their members based on their tier ranking (will enplane this in a minute ). That way they play against players on their own skill level. You get the opportunity to meet member that have higher skills that can give you tips and pointers if you just ask them. I know at my Country Club we have tutorials on different things like chipping,putting and so forth and we are always glad to play a round with you and help you out too.

I am a member of the Eagles Golf Club Association Country Club, we have about 150 members with only about 50 that are really active in the club. We are always looking for new members that will be active and do the activities that we have for us the club provides each and every week. I enjoy being a member of this club because I take advantage of all the opportunities it provides. We have Shootouts (get together tournaments) every Friday and Saturday night. 4 Major Championship Tournaments each year and a Club Championship tournament. To toot my horn a bit I have won 2 of the Majors this year so far in the Legends division. You have to qualify to play in the Majors by playing in our 4 round 18 hole tournaments that happen about every two weeks.

We also have inter club matches between the country clubs. A Match play Championship each year. A Best Ball Championship, plus many other tournaments throughout the year. It truly is a lot of fun being a member of my club and I enjoy it to no end. Feel free to check out our club if you join and like WGT.

Skill Levels

There are 10 different skill levels in this game. Everyone starts out as a Hack, then there are ( in order of progression) ,Amature, Pro, Tour Pro, Master, Tour Master, Legend, Tour Legend, Champion and Tour Champion. Like I say before I am a Legend soon to be a Tour legend the way my average keeps dropping. Things change as you move up in rank. One is the green speeds and another is the tee markers go back. Just like in real golf, the better we play the tougher we seem to make it on our selves. Being a Legend I’m already on the back tees so the only thing left to change is the green speed one more time. That is really not a big change because during play with other members you play the speed of the greens of the highest ranking member playing with you. So you get use to the champion greens if you play with them a lot like I do .

WGT Golf, Free Online Golf Game

WGT Golf, Free Online Golf Game is in my opinion the best online golf game on the internet. It has everything that you could want in a golf game. Everything from the putting, chipping,flopping,pitching and the swinging is realistic. The sand traps, and the rough have different degrees of depth that you can be in,each effecting your results. You have varying wind speed that have to be accounted for, for each shot. You can hit a full shot or punch it. If all this is not difficult enough for you then you can also play the game in uneven lie mode which is like real golf with the undulation added in for fun and see how you do. It has it all for you just waiting to be played. I think you will find it challenging !

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