The Open,Round 4

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The Open, Round 4 was set up with moderate winds and tournament green speeds. That means that the wind on Saint Andrew blew 15 to 25 MPH and the greens were rolling out a 12 on a stint meter, so fairly fast’ I just so happened to be the first one to play so I was determined to put up a good number so off I went.

Started out with a bird on 1 and then another on 3 a couple of pars and then I made 2 more on the last 4 holes on the front for a 32.

On the back I started again with a bird and then another on 12. Then made bird on the par5 too but I really needed to bird out to put a good score down and the final few holes are very tough. Well I birdied 2 of the final holes and had a 31 on the back giving me a 63 for the round. Not what I wanted but respectable so I posted it and waited for the rest to play.

After the completion of the 4th round we have a new Major Champion ! I’m proud to know and play with him regular and he deserved to win because he has improved his game a lot this past year ! Congrats Bobby U The Man !!!!!! Now everyone will be chasing your butt for a change, lol Great playing and I wish you the best in 2019 !

Griff came in 3rd and gave it his all but just couldn’t overcome the charge made by Bobby ! Good luck to you too in 2019 Griff !

All the Majors are over for 2018 at the Eagles Country Club with myself winning the first 3 and Bobby the 4th. Soon the Tournament Events will begin to qualify for the first major of next year and I know that there will be plenty of talented golfers ready to start the quest for a Major again. Good Luck to all of you !!

It’s been fun bringing you guys into our world of WGT Golf and I hope you enjoyed reading and following the tournament progress to the end. Maybe even got a few of you interested in playing. I hope so. Until next time take care and feel free to leave comments below.


Bob Elliott


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