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Yes folks the first major of the golfing season starts this week on Thursday morning bright and early from Augusta,Ga. While the beautiful Azalea’s line the many greens and holes bringing beauty to the course, each golfer will begin his quest to become a Major golf winner. Many for the first time, and the chosen few that have one or more under there belts are gearing up to begin play. The pressure will be the same when they tee off. All will have butterfly’s in their stomachs as they hit that first shot on #1. Yes even Tiger , winner of 15 major’s I believe still feels the extreme pressure of the first shot.They hit the Tee shot and then listen to the crowd for the acknowledgement cheers or moans and they know then if it was a good shot or not. So is the life of the professional golfer , shot after shot after shot. until the round ends. The ups and downs in a golfer round teaches you a lot about handling ones problems in real life. You must come up with a solution for each shot in order to overcome the problems associated with being able to successfully be able to pull it off. It’s the same way in life. When presented with a problem you come up with solution to overcome and move on. I guess you can say that the winner of the Master will be a Great problem solver who overcame ever situation in his path to scoring the least amount of strokes. I’ve always heard that great golf is played between your ears and I think that this analogy helps to prove this theory. You guys think about it and I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Remember ,,, you guys hit them straight out there and most of all have fun !!!!!!

Thanks for reading,

Bob Elliott

Grounds crew work on the #13 green during the Friday round of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, Friday, April 6, 2018, in Augusta, Georgia. [ANDREW DAVIS TUCKER/THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE]


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