Special Products for Golfers !!

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Hi Everyone !
In this column you will find products that I have ran across that I feel would be a of GREAT service to the average golfer ! These items will be available in my store “Totally All Some” at
https://totallyallsome.com and I will provide links to the items as I add them. This will be a ongoing page that I will continue to add to as I come across these new and amazing products. This idea just came to me and I only have a couple right now so bear with me as I build and grow this page.
The first product I came across is a Key Chain Alcohol Breathalyzer with Flashlight ! How many time have you played golf with the guys and had a few and then hit the 19th hole and got up to go home and thought WOW, I hope I don’t get pulled ! Well now you can test yourself before you get in that car and take a chance on getting that $500.00 ticket and maybe in a wreck too ! Check it out !Save $4.00 !

How did you liked the breathalyzer ? Now on to the next must have item for the average golfer.I know I’ve wrote about saving money by using Used golf Balls and I know that some of you will try them ! But there are some out ther that will continue to buy brand new balls all day long !
Did you know the average Golfer loses 4 to 7 balls a round ! At $4.00 and up per ball that a lot of money to lose to only hit it once or twice ! Yep figure 7 x $4.00 is $28.00 and for that you can purchase this next product and save some money ! My second must have product is ,,,
Golf Ball Finder Locating Blue Lens Glasses. Less Eye Straining Sunglasses With Case ! SAVE $500.!

Now I hope you get a pair of these Cool Blue Money and Golf Ball Saving Glasses today !!

I got one more option in Cool Sunglasses that will work for golf, fashion,beach,pool,or everyday life and the kids will love them !!
It seems everyone has a problem with what and where we put our sunglasses when we take them off. How do we carry them when we are inside ? Well the answer to that question is here. Check it out !Save $7.00 !


Hello guys,
Well here I go again, ready to add another product to the site that some you may need.The reason I say this is because there is no better time to start a person out in golf than when they are children so I came across this GREAT plastic starter set for the young ones that will let them swing with Dad or Mom and have a great time doing it. Its priced right and waiting to get in the hands of the next Tiger Woods ! So don’t be Bashful. Great gift for Christmas or any time of year! ON Sale Now SAVE $!0.00!


Now every golfer needs one of these ,,, its a pocket range finder.I know I used mine all the time and it saved me a lot of strokes and time! Here is a nice pocket range finder at a respectable price that should help you with all those calculations to speed up your game. You can SAVE $20.00 on it going through my website. So don’t miss out !


I hope you enjoy the Range Finder & Kids Golf Clubs plus the other three products ! Thats all for now but I will be adding more in the future, so check back and I hope you visit my other store too at
https://totallyallsome.com !!!

Bob Elliott


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