Custom Golf Clubs,Getting fitted and Why

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The process of getting fitted for custom golf clubs is slightly different with each manufacturer. Just like you, all clubs are not the same. The following is my best effort to explain a factsimilily of the process, all tho each company’s approach may vary to some degree.

Typical Facts

1. Over 70% of all avid golfers that purchased clubs last year did not get Custom golf clubs. This was discovered by a study done by Golf Magazine.

2. Most golfers don’t get Custom fitted clubs because they feel that they cost too much when in reality the cost of the fitting is already in the price of the clubs (depending on manufacturer). Most stores want them properly fitted so that you increase the chances of playing better with their clubs. Sometimes a lesson or two is also recommended if needed .

3. People think only the good golfer get Custom clubs. Actually it is more important for the average and novice golfer to have Custom Clubs because it gets them on the right path to success in the beginning of the learning process.

4. People think that having Custom clubs don’t make a difference. Well I know when I got mine I could tell a big difference in how I played and how they felt. They also give you more confidence to know more about where your ball is going and how far. I guess you want really know until you have some made and play with them yourself.


The Process, Your Swing

Do you want to hit it high or low? Be more consistent with more distance ? Some people like a certain brand or have a certain player they want to be like. Whatever it is,decide on a club and its now time to take a few swings with a demo club. If that club doesn’t work for you then go back and try another one. Once you decide its time to get fitted.

They need to know how you are hitting the clubs that you currently own. Do you hit them high or low. Do you slice or hook the ball. What’s the distance of each iron that you hit. Is their anything that would affect your ability to play? All this is taken into account and then processed before fitting.

Measurements, Shafts and Grips

Time to take measurements of your height, hand length,longest finger length and waist to floor distance to determine a starting point for the length of shaft, lie angle and grip of the set.

Time for a few swings again to determine lie angle, proper shaft and grip. The proper shaft is needed to give you the proper flex which will give you the desired ball flight, shape and trajectory.

Generally stiffer shafts are for stronger players or for players with fast swings/swing speed. Common steel shafts flexes are Men’s regular, Stiff,Extra Stiff, Senior and Ladies. Graphite shafts come in either Firm or Extre Firm instead of Stiff. Don’t know why that’s just the way its done .

Another interesting term used with shafts is Kick-Point, especially graphite ones. Less experienced golfers generally benefit from a shaft with a lower Kick-Point which helps get the ball air born. Better golfers usually use shafts with a mid to higher Kick-Point.

Now its time to select a grip for your clubs. It is very important to select the proper grip because water, cold and heat can affect them. Grip size is also important. It can cause you to miss it rights or left depending on the size of the grip. That’s why hand measurements were taken to select the best grip for you. They also make grips for people with arthritis, that help to lessen the impact of the ball to club in your hand.



Loft and Lie Adjustments

This is done by a professional after you have taken your normal address of the ball with your Irons. You need to have the proper equipment to do this. This is actually the bending of your Iron to make up for your address of the ball to get you a level lie. Generally their is no more than 2 degrees at most adjusted. Woods, Hybrids and putters can NOT be adjusted.



I hope that this has been interesting and answered any general questions about the Custom club fitting process and why its done that way. In the past 30 years clubs have certainly been made easier to hit due to perimeter weighting, a larger sweet spot and a lower center of gravity on the clubs. All of this means better golf for us all but having your own Custom built clubs made just for you gives you a rewarding confidence to go out their and know that you are going to play your best every time. I hope you get yours SOON !!!






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