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With age comes many changes. One of the most noticed by senior golfers is the decrease in swing speed and lack of distance. Over time, we start to notice our drives and irons are just not carrying the distance that they use too. So what do we do ?What is causing this ? We will find there are several things that can cause this along with your age?

Stamina, Strength, Ball Trajectory

As we age, the senior golfer will lose some of their overall strength and fitness. This will lead to them searching for an answer to overcome this fought. One way is to change to a lighter club with more kick at the bottom which should give you back some of your lost distance.

Ball trajectory is another issue that could be causing you to lose distance. So changing to golf clubs for seniors, that are made to give you a faster swing speed and more loft might be the right choice for you. The best golf clubs for seniors are designed with bigger sweet spots for better accuracy and forgiveness and after have graphite shafts to aid both accuracy and distance, also giving you extra loft to help with your trajectory.

Buying Clubs

If you are going to go buy new custom senior clubs then you should take all these concerns to them to be addressed.However, there are some good senior clubs pre-made out there on the market designed just for seniors ready for play. Things to consider if you choose the custom route.

The Weight of a senior club shaft should be about 60 grams or fewer with a lightweight club head too. Keeping it under 60 grams will help your swing speed and improve your timing. Now the overall flex in the shaft will be the important factor in creating power. The more flex the more power!

Nowadays most all clubs being built have the larger sweet spot to improve hitting and give you better forgiveness making them easier to hit.

Remember swinging harder doesn’t give you a faster swing speed !!!! Having a forgiving club will help you achieve a better swing speed if you have these 3 factors.

1. Hit the ball squarely on the club face !

2. Have a higher launch angle with minimal spin !

3.Good club head speed !

Having these 3 factors plus a good stance will optimize success for greater distance and control. Then of course you have to practice, practice,practice it to create muscle memory. Not only do you have to have a good stance but you must maintain balance and stability threw out the swing, All this adds up to better control and accuracy which give you a better swing speed and longer distance.

One thing to remember the slower your swing speed the higher your launch angle you should aim.That’s why having clubs with higher loft angles work best for seniors. The average golfer with a 105 mph swing speed should have a launch angle of A.5 degrees with a spin rate of 2800rpm.

Below is an example of a good set of Senior clubs on the market at a good price.

Callaway Men’s Strata Utimate Complete Set

One of the finest golf sets available for seniors struggling with a lower swing speed and accuracy problem. They are affordable and well-designed, forgiving clubs that give you a balanced feel throughout the set. As always the wood are very good coming from Callaway. The Bag is an ultra lightweight bag with six pockets, tee holders and hood. Comes complete with head covers for woods and hybrids. The putter is designed for forgiveness with a milled face to improve accuracy. This mallet putter has been balanced for better control. You get 4 irons a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The irons are off set and great for higher handicapper and seniors. This design helps you get the ball in the air and lower slicing tendencies

The 4 and 5 Hybrid clubs are very forgiving and can be used in both fairway and rough. These are there to replace your3-5 irons which are more difficult to hit.

The Driver is a 460cc Titanium head driver made for forgiveness, with a huge sweet spot and low back center of gravity. The 3 and 5 woods feature a large sweet spot The best shaft for seniors installed in each, which is an Acuttra lightweight graphite shift which will give you more swing speed and flex.

You can find this set on amazon for about $340.00 which h is very reasonable for what you get. Great for a Senior golfer looking for a quick fix.

In conclusion, I hope you learned a bit about swing speed and how to get some of it back as we age. There are other golf club sets on the market but I chose the Callaway Strata because it was the middle of the rode price wise. Taylormade has a senior set for over $700.00 and then Wilson has one for $175.00. Thought I’d put that out there just to let you know, but if I was going to spend $700.00 I’d go have custom clubs built for me. So for the money and a good name Callaway was my choice. Thanks for coming to my site,hope you enjoy reading this and hope you learned something ! Feel free to leave a comment love to hear from you. Enjoy your day and hit them straight out there !!!

Bob Elliott



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