Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf only makes custom clubs for you with a turn around time of about two week from time of receipt .  Built especially for you , great golf is now in your future !

Custom clubs from the Hawk. Available only with your mouse.

Free Length, Lie, and Grip Customization! Shop Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Today!

At Ben Hogan Golf superior clubs is the key to great golf. The irons sets are Ft.Worth Black,PTX and Edge. The Utility irons are the FT.Worth Hi. The wedge sets are the Equalizer and TX,  and the Hybrid clubs are the VKTR name. These clubs also come in both right and left handed sets.See pictures below.

Ft.Worth Black Irons.

PTX Irons

Edge Irons

Utility Irons, Ft.Worth Hi

Equalizer Wedges

TK Wedges

The VKTR Hybrid clubs

They also have Bags,Balls,Hats,Visors,Towels,Tri-Towels,Backpacks,Dufflebags, Shoebags,Umbrellas and more!

Demo program also available ,information at web-site , click any link.  Trade Up Program also available !

Trade In Your Old Clubs For New Clubs! Try The Ben Hogan Trade-Up Program!

Free Shipping On All Orders Over $150!


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