Quest for the WGT Grand Slam !

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Hi Everyone,
My quest to win the WGT Grand Slam at my County Club on WTG Golf (World Golf Tour) starts this week and no one has every done it before so wish me luck please ! We will be playing 4 , 18 hole rounds at The Old Course at Saint Andrews.. Let me tell you the wind howls there to as much as 30 mph on the High winds tournament day. We will have at least 1 of them out of the 4 days and sometimes 2.
This is the last Major of the year and I have won the other 3 previous ones in my division ( Legions and below)this year.
Mugsy (John) in the Champion Division, also has a chance to win the Grand Slam and it also has never been done in that division. So John Good Luck to you my friend!!
I know this is only a golf game but being disabled now, where before becoming disabled I was a 1 handicap , this is the closest to real golf that I have and it means a lot to me.
If you never played WGT Golf and looking for a GREAT online golf game where you play other people from around the world and play the top courses and every golf game out there like,Stroke,alternate shot,match play,Blitz then this game is for you!
I will follow up during the tournament and let you know how I’m doing. I have not played much lately do to the fact I’ve been working so much on my E-Commerce Store “Totally All Some” at So I’m a bit off my game. But hopefully I’ll get my timing back today and be ready to play tomorrow morning.
Well I’m off to play a practice round everyone hit them straight out there !!

Have a Great Day !
Bob Elliott


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