WGT OPEN 2ed Round Play

Second round play is about over now and playing in the 30 mph winds took it tolls. Scores were a bit higher but the greens being at a slower speed than normal presented the most problems for me. Just like in real golf the wind can and will affect your putt. I had a problem

WGT OPEN Tournament, Round 1 Grand Slam Quest

1st Round Play at the Open began today 11/4/18 in my Quest to capture the Grand Slam ! I started out a bit slow today with 3 pars but managed to make birds on the next 3 holes. Then I drove my ball into a giant bunker on #7 next to the lip,and caught the

Quest for the WGT Grand Slam !

Hi Everyone, My quest to win the WGT Grand Slam at my County Club on WTG Golf (World Golf Tour) starts this week and no one has every done it before so wish me luck please ! We will be playing 4 , 18 hole rounds at The Old Course at Saint Andrews.. Let me

Best Golf Clubs Seniors / Thinks To Know

With age comes many changes. One of the most noticed by senior golfers is the decrease in swing speed and lack of distance. Over time, we start to notice our drives and irons are just not carrying the distance that they use too. So what do we do ?What is causing this ? We will

WGT World Golf Tour / News

In my earlier article about WGT World Golf Tour I explained a lot about the free online game. I told you about the game itself and also about the inner workings of the game. Today I’m going to tell you more about my Country club, “Eagle Club Golf Association ” that I’ve been a member

Why Used Golf Balls Sale and their Grades

Why used golf balls sale because there is nothing wrong with them, If your know what your looking for and get the proper grade (AAA ) of used golf balls that best suits your game they are just as good as a brand new one right out the box. Another reason used golf balls sale

Jaaxy Affiliate and Market Research Platform

Jaaxy, Your Competitive Edge Starts Here. Jaaxy is a keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. There are a number of hands on processes that are very time-consuming when it comes to you business. Keyword and competition research is now made easy! With Jaaxy you are getting the most

WGT Golf, World Golf Tour, Free Online Golf Game

The WGT Golf, World Golf Tour free online golf game has everything you would want in a realistic golf games. It has over 20 championship courses with over 15 million players. It is the #1 rated 3D free online golf games as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, Direct TV, and Fox Sports. It has

Custom Golf Clubs,Getting fitted and Why

The process of getting fitted for custom golf clubs is slightly different with each manufacturer. Just like you, all clubs are not the same. The following is my best effort to explain a factsimilily of the process, all tho each company’s approach may vary to some degree. Typical Facts 1. Over 70% of all avid

Hello Golf World !

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